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At Ali Kids Apparel, we understand a parent’s struggle to see all their kids’ needs met at once, and how difficult it can be to dress all your children in one store that will complement the needs of different age groups. We want to fill that void and help you find children’s clothing that you can shop for in one place at the click of a button.

Ali Kids Apparel was founded by fellow parent to three children, LaToya Howard, also known as LaToyaforever, who loves to coordinate with her kids with monochromatic and neutral looks. For that, we made sure to offer each design in several colors to facilitate parents who love to match with their kiddies, providing you with all your matching looks needs! Our online shop for children’s wear is all about having fun, encouraging self-expression, self-confidence, and allowing kids to just be kids.

Featuring a collection of clothing for children ages 0 to 7, Ali Kids Apparel provides clothing for children in the earliest and most exciting stages of life. We design and create children’s clothing that is comfortable, affordable, and stylish—the three principles in children’s clothing that we adhere to, in order to give your kids only the best that we can offer. We also take pride in giving our mom’s and dad’s a smooth online shopping experience, with our quality kids wear and efficient customer service.

If you’re looking for children’s clothing for every stage of early childhood, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy and discover a wide selection of quality and stylish children’s wear, in a place that allows kids to be kids with style.

The Ali Kids

My kids are my everything and they inspire me to work hard everyday. My biggest inspiration and motivation while building this brand came from them. - LaToya

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